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Insurance Scam Turns Nasty for this Guy

He forgot the golden rule -the driver of the car must know you are lying in front of their car :/

Dash Cam Prevented Insurance Fraud

So we came across this fantastic example  today of an instance that clearly demonstrates why you need a dash cam.
You can clearly see that the driver of the car with the dash cam stops with plenty of distance in front of him while he waits for the car in front to make a turn.  He is then shunted on by the car behind him in to the turning vehicle.

The dash cam then clearly records the discussion and although we cant hear the sound in this instance it is more than obvious that driver 1 and 3's versions of events differ, but the driver in the middle is able to say ive got a dash cam recording everything

Whiplash Scam Smash Caught on Camera

A Truck in-cab camera has captured the moment that a Ford Galaxy swerved extremely violently across a motorway and smashed into a lorry. Amazingly, the occupants of the Galaxy blamed the lorry driver for the crash, even though they had driven right into his path across three lanes of the M25, they made four whiplash claims, leaving the haulier with a potential claim of up to £75,000.


However, thanks to the clear video footage, seen below, the potential insurance nightmare was avoided with the dispute dismissed within days as the Ford Galaxy can be seen clearly driving at speed past the lorry which is travelling in the slow lane of the motorway at 55mph – well within the 70mph speed limit. The driver reacts very slowly when other vehicles brake ahead of it, swerving violently across all three lanes and into an unavoidable collision.

Around 550,000 whiplash claims are made every year in the UK, but insurance experts estimate that up to 60% of these claims are bogus. These figures make the ‘cash for crash’ scam a £1billion-a-year fraud, with the UK now the ‘whiplash capital of the world’. What this means for the average car driver is that there is an additional £90 added to their insurance policy. Interestingly according to the AA, there have been 60% more personal injury claims since 2006, despite the fact that there has been a 20% drop in accidents over the same period.

The problem is that drivers can often feel like they are on shaky ground when they go into the back of another vehicle, particularly if there are no reliable witnesses to explain what happened. The blame is nearly always attached to the driver who hits the vehicle from the rear. Luckily for this driver the dash cam acted as the "reliable witness" and showed that the lorry driver was blameless

The 'Crash for Cash' Bus Scam
25th May 20114

Central Buses have scrapped route 98 after they received 15 insurance claims from people saying they were passengers hurt in a collision that actually involved just four people – none of whom was injured. The incident was staged using motorist travelling alone who braked sharply in front of a single-decker bus that was carrying two passengers.

Repairs to the bus and car costed just £500 each, however the firm ended up hving to pay out £25,000 to avoid the costs of fighting each of the 15 cases in court.

Central Busses

Geoff Cross, managing director of Central Buses, said anyone wanting to claim should be forced to pay a £50 bond before any legal action, to make fraudsters think twice about lodging bogus claims. We’ve known for a long time about this phenomenon – to our bitter cost. Insurance companies are often reluctant to fight the claims, even if they do think they are bogus.

Central Buses now runs 17 services, all fitted with CCTV cameras to deter fraudsters.Mr Cross said that if they hadn’t installed CCTV they probably wouldn’t be in business now because of the number of fraudulent claims.

Birmingham and Bradford were named as crash for cash capitals by Crimestoppers in december (based on insurance data)

The Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates the annual cost of crash for cash scams is £392million


Sources: BBC News, Central Busses