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Vehicle Video Recorder Recommended for London Commuters

In a busy capital city such as London an Event Drive Recorder can be an invaluable piece of kit with so much going on on the busy roads all of the time it could be the difference between an insurance claim being resolved instantly or carrying on for months.

Even in a busy location suchas central London roads in the case of a dispute it can be hard to find a witness that had a clear view of the event who is an unbiast bystander.

Nothing could be more unbiast than a vehicle video recorder capturing every single moment of a colission.

Benefits Of Owning A Drive Recorder

  • Record Traffic Crashes/Accidents
  • Protect yourself from prosecution
  • Secure your possessions & load (much cheaper than vehicle CCTV)
  • Protect your no claims bonus
  • Reduce your insurance premiums
  • Capture driving events around your vehicle
  • Protect Lone Workers
  • Replay your journeys later for fun
  • Monitor your journey
  • Assess your driving style