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Van Drivers Recommended Event Drive Recorder

As someone that spends a lot working day on the road in between jobs the odds of being involved in a collision are increased more so than the average driver

More importantly is the loss of earnings that can be caused by any time off of the road, through damage to your work vehicle and a delay in payment through the insurance company because of a dispute can be imensely disruptive

If you are a van driver then you would benefit from an event drive recorder to prove your innocence should you be involved in a collision.

Benefits Of Owning A Drive Recorder

  • Record Traffic Crashes/Accidents
  • Protect yourself from prosecution
  • Stop malicious driving complaints
  • Protect your no claims bonus
  • Reduce your insurance premiums
  • Capture driving events around your vehicle
  • Secure your load (much cheaper than vehicle CCTV)
  • Monitor your journey
  • Assess your driving style
  • Replay your journeys later for fun