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Halo Camera Hard Wire Kit

Product Code: RAHCHW
Halo Camera Hard Wire Kit
£14.99 inc. VAT

£12.49 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Halo Camera Hard Wire Kit Description

This lead is used to power your Road Angel Halo without the need to have wires trailing all over your dash in order to plug a lead in to the cigar lighter socket. It enables you to hide the power lead along to top of the windscreen and around the side of the A pillar to under the dashboard. It is approximately 2.8m of insulated wire with an additional 20cm of cable for making connection to your earth and live connection points.

Fitting Instructions

The hard-wire kit comes with 3 different connecting wires. Black, Red and White. Their uses are as follows:

  • Black - This is the earth and will be connected to a strong earth point on the chassis of the vehicle
  • Red - This is what powers the unit when the engine is turned on and will need to be connected to an ignition switched supply. An example of this would be the cigar lighter socket. Something that comes on when the engine is turned on and goes off when the ignition is disengaged.
  • White - This is a permanent 12v live and would need to be connected to the vehicle battery. The white lead enables the kit to stay powered in parking mode when you turn the engine off. Useful for when you are away from the vehicle and want it to keep recording.

If the White lead is connected to the battery, you will need to configure the Halo to cut off once the vehicle battery reaches a certain voltage to avoid a complete drain.

The images below show you how to do this:

Step 1

Open the Halo software and click the Setup tab.

Step 2

Find the Cut-Off Voltage drop-down, as indicated, and change as required.

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Customer Reviews
2 review(s) posted (write review) 5 product stars
Hardwire Kit ? - KeithBuster - 16/05/2018
I received the SINGLE WIRE which I ordered but it's not really a KIT. The Road Angel Camera is Twin so Front and Back cameras. I would consider the KIT to be two wires not just one so,if you take the cameras from 1 car and want to install it into another you will need to make sure your order is for TWO wires. ALSO make sure they are for the correct model of camera as the models have changed and the connection are different. Just some tips to look out for

2 product stars
No instructions for settings how to set up on your computer for voltage etc etc - Suzanne woolnough - 27/05/2016
There are no instructions for setting up on voltage settings which one to have???? Or what cut off time is needed etc etc, my camera is the road Angel halo which is Hardwired in and this blue light just keeps flashing permanently and at night it looks like I have the police at my house, so what setting should it be on for Hardwired in???? also how do I get it to be on a loop instead of having to wipe it all off each time???? also what firmware version should it be? as mine has nothing on it or sometimes it has # +#%?, I mean what is that?? I have emailed road Angel so many times but I get nothing back from them to tell me, so maybe they don't know themselves, if anyone can help me please do cos I am at a loss, email me at